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Equity and King’s Head Theatre ensure fair pay for creatives

29 June 2017

King’s Head Theatre has worked with Equity to establish a competitive rate-of-pay for all creative professionals. This initiative will mean directors, designers and choreographers will be fairly compensated for their work.

Equity’s Professionally Made Professionally Paid campaign builds on the success it has had for actors and stage managers, by extending protections to creatives. Emmanuel de Lange, the union’s Low Pay No Pay organiser, said: “Equity is delighted to have reached a comprehensive agreement for our creative team members working at the King’s Head, and welcomes the announcement of their renewed commitment to equalities.

“The King’s Head has been leading the way on ethical fringe pay for years, so it’s fitting that they are the first theatre to sign up to a creative team agreement. The Fringe Agreement is a stepping stone on the way to full Equity contracts.”

Under the new agreement, main house productions at the King’s Head will guarantee pay of at least £1,375 for directors and £825 for set designers.

The Professionally Made Professionally Paid campaign has already secured more than £2million for performers and stage managers working in unfunded fringe theatre, and a key campaign priority for 2017 is extending the coverage of agreements to include directors, designers and other Equity creatives. This is the first step in achieving that, and the union hopes to secure many more creative team agreements over the coming months.

The union also supported King’s Head Theatre’s actions to increase diversity, including its decision to make half of all production roles non-male. Emmanuel added: “In the week that we have launched the Equity Casting Manifesto, we also welcome the King’s Head’s diversity commitments. Our Play Fair campaign challenges the industry to raise its game on diversity, and the King’s Head are meeting that challenge. Tackling low and no pay improves social diversity, so it’s natural that we’re also seeing strong commitments from this employer on representation of women, young people, BAME and disabled artists.”

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