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Equity backs Stage Management Day

1 October 2013

The Equity Council has today (1 October) giving its backing to a Stage Management Day - a day which will highlight what stage management does and rejoice in the ingenious and creative ways that they do it.

The goals of Stage Management Day, on 10 October, will be:

  • To use stage management presence across various social media platforms to promote a day of recognition and celebration of the work of stage managers across the UK
  • To encourage current followers and theatre supporters to engage with the theatre and stage management communities
  • To promote the excellent work done by casts, creative teams and stage managers in our theatres, and increase awareness of the range and importance of that work
  • Activities on 10th October are planned to increase interest from local and national
  • communities in their theatres.

The day will centre on activities planned in different venues and specific to different productions. These might include;

  • Stage management will record short video diaries and show-running sequences backstage to put up on YouTube and Twitter- these feeds would also be an interesting change to the normal output from your social media and marketing teams.
  • How about stage management running your theatre’s twitter feed and social media for Stage Management Day
  • Stage management teams upload photos on a ‘live’ flickr feed and post blogs about their work.
  • Get to know your team: Producers are invited to pop in on 10th October and have a chat with the SM team (please bring cake!)
  • Directors or cast can make a brew for stage management to say ‘thanks’!
  • Producers are asked to allow stage management to join the curtain call with performers on 10th October performances - a programme slip or announcement from a cast member will explain.
  • Local papers offered a 'behind the scenes' focus on Stage Management
  • Theatre education departments to highlight stage management with ‘how to put on a
    show’ during the week.
  • Post-show Q and A sessions with stage management, facilitated by a cast member.

All these activities will be created and managed by individual teams and companies. Please feel free to talk to your stage management team and get involved-they'll appreciate it. There are also plans to hold a couple of networking events for stage management not working on the day. We hope that in the long term the day will help increase public perception of what stage managers do and may also lead to more programme recognition (ie biogs) and in the short term be a good morale booster and raise funds for two vital charities. It is great to see Equity (the stage managers’ union) publically and unanimously supporting the first ever day just for stage managers. 

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