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Equity conference sets an ambitious programme of action

21 May 2013

Equity's Annual Representative Conference, which met in London on 19 and 20 May, has set an ambitious programme of campaigning and organising for the next twelve months.

Meeting in London, the conference brought together representatives from Equity's branches and committees and the Equity Council, to review the actions of the past year and to set targets for the next.

The 29 motions passed by the conference covered issues as diverse as promoting the casting of members with disabilities and taking forward Equity's integrated casting policy, stepping up the organising of members who work in the independent theatre sector, looking at new ways to encourage emerging artists to join Equity, campaigning for more TV productions to be made out of London and the South East, a review of the usefulness of the Equity diary, investigating the rise of nudity in the entertainment industry and campaigning to protect local government investment in the arts.

The conference also agreed that members' subscriptions will go up by 3.45% next January.

Equity members can download a list of all motions carried from this website and you can watch a video that was shown to the Equity Conference reviewing the achivements of 2012 below or on our Equity's YouTube channel.


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