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Equity-supported contract for Olympic performers

22 April 2012

Performers  working on the opening a closing ceremonies of the London Olympics and Paralympics will work on Equity-supported contracts at a minimum of £600 a week. The contract has been agreed after months of painstaking talks with Olympic officials.

Olympic performers will get basic rights around breaks, working time and payment. There is protection against unfair dismissal  plus Class 1 National Insurance contributions will be paid giving artists valuable protection for when the engagement ends.  It has been agreed that Equity can have a permanent base at 3 Mills Studios in order to talk with artists, provide advice and recruit members. Equity officials will also be allowed access at lunchtimes and around the canteens.

Equity Organiser Louise Grainger is continuing discussions about organising an event with other industry bodies for newcomers to the business during the rehearsal period and there will be a regular and high-profile Equity presence at the rehearsals.
Equity has also secured guarantees about the use of volunteers which ensure that they meet the legal definition of volunteer and do not take work away from professional performers.
More information is available from Equity. Contact Louise Grainger — or Paul Fleming —

Download a copy of the report to the Equity Council on the London Olympics and Paralympic from here:

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