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Equity frustrated by lack of detail in ACE report

13 December 2016

ACE diversity report 2016 cover

Equity is frustrated by Arts Council England’s (ACE) failure to clearly show the diversity of stage performers in its latest report on diversity.

The industry-wide focus on diversity in recent years has been hamstrung by a lack of clear evidence and the detail in this report is disappointing.

ACE has introduced new categories such as ‘artistic’ and ‘specialist’ when collecting data, but these cover such a broad range of workers that the usefulness of the information received in this way needs to be questioned.

The union’s members, audiences and stakeholders want clarity around the key metric of the diversity of performers on stage. It is important to know how publicly-funded companies use their resources and the next generation of talent need to see themselves reflected on stage. 

The lack of clear diversity data means progress cannot be accurately measured and it hinders positive change.

The union will be seeking more detailed information from ACE following the launch of this report.

Equity’s current campaign Play Fair challenges discriminatory practice in the casting process and encourages greater incidental casting – where the actor’s background is incidental to their character. Equity believes this is the only way that the diversity of who we see on stage and screen will grow.


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