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Equity industrial committees set their priorities

8 November 2013

Equity's three industrial committees,which are driving forward the union's strategies for making collective agreements with employers, have agreed ambitious two-year plans of action.

The Stage Committee’s statement of aims for the next two years reads:  “To secure, by all means possible, the best possible terms and conditions for members working in theatre throughout the UK. In line with Equity’s Organising for Success policy to engage members, working with staff, in active participation on agreed agendas in support of Live Performance Department’s industrial, organising and servicing objectives.” Its priorities include: new agreements for commercial theatre and the West End in 2015 and to build groups of activists to  help meet the key industrial claims. The Committee is also aiming for new agreements in small scale theatre and subsidised theatre.

The Screen and New Media Committee has agreed a 14 point plan of action which includes: revising the BBC, ITV and PACT TV agreements, revising the Cinema Films agreement and continue to audit US studios’ profits to ensure that members are getting the right use-fees, continue progress towards a more formal agreement for TV commercials, negotiate a new British Phonographic Industry agreement for pop videos, keep up with technological advances, to further existing work on games industry agreements and t work closely with agents.

The Variety, Circus and Entertainers Committee has set itself nine key priorities, including: to raise the status of professional performance and performers, to monitor the effectiveness of new agency regulations, to support local campaigns to keep venues open, to support Variety Branch initiatives. To ensure the Committee represents interests across the field, and to recruit and retain variety members.

To read about this and more, download the latest Equity Report from this web site.

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