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Equity President invites the Queen to apply for membership

14 August 2012

Equity’s President Malcolm Sinclair has written to the Queen inviting her to apply for Equity membership following her outstanding performance seen during the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

His letter states: “Type casting it may have been, but Her Majesty’s completely natural performance has given enormous pleasure worldwide.”

The letter lists the many benefits the Queen would be entitled to if she became a member of the union.

“Her Majesty’s professional name would ensure that all royalties (no pun intended), owed for future work would be paid through the Union or through our sister organisation BECS (our collecting society for worldwide payments).

“Accident and backstage insurance; though we were delighted to see that Her Majesty insisted on a stunt double for the parachuting into the Olympic Park. Very wise indeed. Gary Connery, her double, is on Equity’s stunt register. Careers advice. We now operate a pension scheme to which all our major employers have signed up. It’s never too late to start. Digs lists, invaluable if Her Majesty were to embark on tour. Discounts for cinema/theatre tickets, including Royal Boxes I am assured. An award winning magazine and website. The protection offered by our contracts in theatre, television and motion pictures. “

Malcolm recently received a reply from the Palace which thanked him for his letter and said: “Her Majesty was most grateful to you for taking the time and trouble to write.”

Follow this link to read the full letter sent by Malcolm and go here to see the reply.

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Good evening, Mr Sinclair

Name: Amanda Reed

Date: 22 August 2012

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a big wind up. In the unlikely event that Malcolm Sinclair was seriously asking HM The Queen if she'd like to join Equity, I am delighted by her response, ie.the standard courteous reply letter, signed by her representative, that goes out to anyone who "takes the time and trouble" to put pen to paper and posts it to the palace. Roughly translated, "thanks, but no thanks".

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The Latest Equity Queen???


Date: 18 August 2012

I never thought that Malcolm Sinclair was a guy that need careful monitoring so I'll assume that his letter to the Queen is a big wind-up.
But just in case...
Perhaps you forgot Malcolm, but we all had to provide proof of our professional status before we were even considered for membership. I doubt very much that the Queen is really up to that standard just yet.
Perhaps your letter will bring much needed good publicity to the union (or it may just confirm to the great and good that we are indeed a quirky lot!)
I suppose our troubles will really kick off if the Queen actually accepts your invitation. What do we do then? Maybe ask Prince Phillip to join us on the strength of his various comedic public performances over the years?
Or perhaps we could just tell her that this union is already full of queens.
I'll watch this space.

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Equity Membership

Name: Frederick Pyne

Date: 16 August 2012

Difficult to know how she could join unless she was paid the Equity Television Agreement Minimum fee. Do we know how much she was paid?

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Queen's membership

Name: Paul Henshall

Date: 15 August 2012

Presumably this is one big publicity stunt. I'm sure all Equity's legitimate members wish they could have got their card by uttering three words. Ah well, at least if she accepts it will swell Equity's coffers. After all, as she'll be paying the higher rate, Equity will be receiving a sizeable chunk of the royal coffers.

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