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Equity requesting equalities data

23 May 2017

Equity is asking members to complete a form on the the union's website asking for their equalities data.

Why does Equity want this information?
Tackling discrimination and promoting equality for all our members are key priorities for the union. Equity has successfully campaigned for employers to start monitoring the diversity of actors and performers on stage and screen. This information will be crucial to understanding whether or not the industry is making any progress.
It’s no less important for Equity to understand our own diversity.
Without this information it’s much harder for us to understand the extent of under-representation in our membership and whether our hard work is making the differences we seek to bring about. This is one small step that all members can take to support our collective aims to change our industry for the better.

Fill in the Equalities form.

How will Equity use this information?
The data you provide will be treated confidentially, securely stored and will only be accessible to a small number of Equity staff. If you would prefer not to answer a particular question, each of them has a 'prefer not to say' option. We’ll use this information to improve our services, inform our campaigns, recruitment and retention work and identify barriers to participation and progression. 

Problems with logging into website
You need to be a registered user of the website to enter the information. If you have any problems logging in to the members area, you can contact the membership department via 020 7670 0207 or email

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