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Equity responds to ‘creepy clown’ craze

12 October 2016

Equity members who work as children's entertainers have been appalled by the recent proliferation of incidents reported in the media about people dressed as so-called ‘creepy clowns’ and scaring members of the public.

Equity represents professional performers and creative practitioners and has more than 41,000 members, of which at least 2,000 are registered as children's entertainers, many of whom work as professional clowns. An annual meeting of children's entertainers was held by Equity in London on 11 October and this matter was extensively discussed.

Michael Day, the Equity official who looks after the interests of children's entertainers, said: “Professional clowns are keen to distance themselves from these incidents which clearly do not involve those working in the business. The perpetrators are likely to be pranksters with clown masks or costumes committing potentially criminal acts. Professional clowns feel that these stories could make children fearful of them and could also affect their work opportunities. Some also believe that they could be placed in danger if they are travelling to a job in costume. The role of a clown is to ‘put smiles on faces’ and this could not be further from what these pranksters are doing.”

If you work as a children’s entertainer and you have concerns about this issue contact Michael Day on

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