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Equity responds to Diamond diversity report

23 August 2017

Today’s publication by the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) of the first data set from Project Diamond marks an important moment in the monitoring of equality and diversity by UK broadcasters.

The report is a - much overdue - first insight into what the TV industry looks like. However, more information is required to understand the nature and extent of under-representation on and off screen.

Information by broadcaster, genre and job role will be crucial to discovering where progress is being made and where greater attention needs to be applied. Without that level of detail the industry will only be held back from the progress all parties want and need to make.

It is disappointing that only a quarter of the returns were made. Equity will build on its Count Me In campaign that asks its members to make sure they are being counted and the union will also work with the industry to make sure that members are receiving the request for their information.

Christine Payne, Equity General Secretary, said: “Equity has long campaigned for employers to collect and publish this information and I want to thank all our members who have been a part of making today’s report possible. Diamond has the potential to help facilitate the change we all want to see, but today’s report only highlights the need for more detail. We urge the Creative Diversity Network to continue to publish this data because it is through full disclosure that we can accelerate the pace of change.”

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