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Equity welcomes the Casting Directors’ Guild Code of Conduct

25 January 2018

Equity welcomes the new code of conduct produced by the Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG) and its reflection of key points from the union’s Manifesto for Casting. These include provisions on diversity, access, local casting and informing performers when they have not got a role.

Membership of the CDG is conditional upon an applicant accepting the code of conduct.

Christine Payne, Equity General Secretary, said:
“Equity warmly welcomes the Casting Directors’ Guild new Code of Conduct. Equity built on its good relationship with the Guild during the creation of the union’s Manifesto for Casting last year. It is clear that the Guild has listened to the concerns of our members about the casting process and has reflected that in this Code. I congratulate the CDG for this positive approach and urge employers to support the CDG in making casting clearer, fairer, less stressful and more inclusive for everyone.” 

Malcolm Sinclair, Equity President, said:
“Equity created its Manifesto for Casting because members felt the casting process was unfair and needed to change. It’s fantastic news that the Casting Directors’ Guild has understood that message and reflected so many of our Manifesto points in its code. Points such as encouraging employers to think diversely about their choices, ensuring access to audition spaces and letting performers know when they have not got a role. Bravo!” 

Maureen Beattie, Equity Vice President, said:
“As chair of Equity's Sexual Harassment Working Group I am particularly pleased that the CDG has responded to this crisis in our industry with provisions regarding the duty of care to actors. Its point that ‘members should refrain from facilitating and actively discourage one-to-one meetings in private non-professional environments’ is welcome and reflects the union’s solutions to sexual harassment that will be published in February. The CDG should also be praised for its advice to members ‘to be an advocate for actors and their rights, encouraging employers to pay and treat them properly and ensure that they are operating under the relevant union agreements.’”

Download the CDG code.

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