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Equity's view on Arts Council England's NPO announcement

27 June 2017

Equity always makes the case that every £1 spent through government investment in the arts generates £2 - £7 in additional economic activity.

Accordingly, Arts Council England’s NPO announcement encouragingly maintains significant support to key arts organisations in these difficult economic times and is to be generally welcomed, particularly ENO’s re-inclusion in the portfolio. We also welcome the increase in regional spending.

However, there are some cuts and some disappointing decisions in dance, particularly Greenwich Dance, a decline in funding in London that means companies will need to preserve frontline performance spend and, given the number of new organisations, ACE will need to ensure the use of industry standards through the use of the appropriate union agreements. Together with the ITC, Equity has recently approached ACE with a view to ensuring 100% compliance with industry standard terms in the 2018-2022 NPO cohort.

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