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ICAF condemns abuse of Eurovision winner

12 May 2014

Equity’s International Committee for Artistic Freedom (ICAF) sends its congratulations to Conchita Wurst, winner of the Euorvision song contest. Conchita had been the target of vile homophobic and transphobic abuse, with a number of online petitions stating that her participation in the competition has turned it into a “hotbed of sodomy”.

ICAF believes that there is no place for homophobia or transphobia in the entertainment industries, either in the UK or internationally. Artists of any sexes and any gender must be free to express themselves as they see fit and should not be subject to intimidation for doing so.

ICAF has called on the organisers of Eurovision to condemn homophobic and transphobic abuse, and to commit themselves to ensuring that the competition is a safe and inclusive space for all performers, irrespective of their sexuality and gender. No entrant should ever again be subject to the abuse Ms. Wurst experienced. 

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