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Irish Equity Action Group update

26 November 2013

Irish Equity AGM

Equity informed the group that they had made a report on the Irish Equity AGM to their Council and that this report had been well received. It was acknowledged by both parties that the AGM had been informative and fruitful.  Irish Equity expressed disappointment that the number of attendees had been lower than 2012. It was agreed that we would have to define more clearly what the reciprocal agreement means in practice for Irish Equity members working in the UK and Equity members working in Ireland as there are a variety of views on the ground. Irish Equity undertook to establish what the historical practice has been to date and to present this at the next meeting for discussion.

Competition Act (Ireland)

Irish Equity has been gathering evidence of the effect of the Competition Authority decision for presentation to the International Labour Organisation (ILO). A complaint against the Government has been lodged and this evidence is needed in support of the complaint. The response to the requests for information from the membership was limited but useful nonetheless. SIPTU have engaged a London Barrister to assist with this matter.


  • Equity Film and TV Negotiations are on-going with a deadline of the end of this year. There will be a meeting of the Screen Committee on December 11th to establish whether discussions are progressing to the deadline and whether or not an alternative strategy needs to be decided.
  • Irish Equity Film and TV Negotiations are also progressing with the next meeting to be held in November. While acknowledging that a simultaneous closing of both TV and Film agreements would be desirable, the priority of Irish Equity is to close an agreement on TV.

Action Group Work

  • The work of the Action Group on the Penny Dreadful production is now complete and Irish Equity has agreed to assist actors with any issues on the agreement that might arise on the ground.
  • The Action Group work on Mrs Browns Boy’s production is also complete and Equity will be doing a follow up meeting with the BBC on this. Irish Equity will endeavour to do a site visit for monitoring purposes.
  • The FIA live theatre conference pitch will be made when the guidelines are issued by FIA. Both unions will raise this matter at the Euro FIA meeting due to be held in Brussels on November 12th if the guidelines have not issued before then.
  • Equity will provide information for Irish Equity on the BBC production Roy 3 to assist Irish Equity with closing out some outstanding matters on this production.

Density Building

There was a long discussion on this matter and the need to grow the union so as to have influence in the industry. Irish Equity is interested in the UK experience in this regard. Equity identified several useful strategies and engagement mechanisms that can be considered by Irish Equity.

Student membership

There was a long discussion on the subject of student membership and other kinds of membership offered by Equity. Irish Equity advised that the have visited a number of drama schools and will be visiting the Lir in January 2014. Irish Equity will also be writing to the Executive approved schools inviting student membership upon graduation.


It was agreed that Karan O Loughlin would draft a report for circulation and agreement from the group. Once agreed that report will be circulated to the Irish Equity membership and posed on the website. As previously agreed the group will endeavour to have the information on the website within a week of the meeting.

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If you want to find out more information about the group contact Stephen Spence on or read about the previous meeting.


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