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Judgement on digital economy act announced

20 April 2011

Digital pirate

In a move that secures future jobs and growth in the creative industries, a judicial review rejected claims that parliament had overstepped its powers with anti-piracy measures.

Commenting on the High Court ruling, Brendan Barber, general secretary of the TUC said:

“We are delighted with today’s outcome. This is a major boost to people who work in the creative industries and whose livelihoods are put at risk because creative content is stolen on a daily basis.

“The sector supports nearly two million jobs and with piracy depriving businesses of up to 20% of revenues.the judge has made it extremely clear that the digital economy act is a fair, focussed, proportionate and efficient system for consumers and the creative industry.

“It will now be possible to conduct a mass consumer education programme to give people the information they need to avoid using illegal sites in the future. The industry will finally be able to start repairing the damage wreaked by piracy.”

Justice Parker rejected four of the five points put forward by BT and Talk Talk, but ruled in their favour regarding a piece of associated legislation that makes service providers liable for 25% of the cost of policing their users.

The government will now be forced to re-examine the draft costs sharing order, but this is unlikely to delay the implementation of the digital economy act.

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