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Malcolm Sinclair re-elected President

11 July 2012

Malcolm Sinclair has been re-elected as President of Equity in a ballot of union members. He polled 1,819 votes against 1,503 for Jean Rogers and 603 for Dave Eager. The turn out was 12 per cent, exactly the same as for the President and Council elections two years ago.Malcolm has commented: "I am delighted that the members have shown confidence in the way the union is progressing under the partnership of Christine Payne and myself. Equity must be even more politically active in fighting government policies and the appalling cuts in the public investment in our industry. "

The new members of the Equity Council are:

General List: Laura Bailey, Ian Barritt, Jo Cameron Brown, Anna Carteret, Stephanie Cole, Jonathan Coy, Nick Fletcher, Peggy-Ann Fraser, Graham Hamilton, Joseph Kloska, Belinda Lang, Pauline Moran, Frederick Pyne, Jean Rogers, Brodie Ross, John Webb and Samuel West.

Specialist seats: Laurence Bouvard (Audio Artists), Paul Mead (Choreographers), Tom Emlyn Williams (Chorus and Ensemble), Natasha Gerson (Dance), Mark Holden (Minority Ethnic Members), Bryn Evans (Opera), Dennis Ray (Singers), Adam Burns (Stage Management), Chris Webb (Stunt Performers), David Cockayne (Theatre Designers), Di Christian (Theatre Directors), Andy Medhurst (TiE and Young People’s Theatre), Annie Bright (Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus), Dave Eager (Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus), Mary Lane (Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus), Brenda Marsh (Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus), Tina May (Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus), Rhubarb the Clown (Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus), Christine Bucci (Walk-ons) and Paul Kirby (Walk-ons).

National and Area seats: Peter Barnes (London Area), Sally Treble (Midlands Area), Yvonne Joseph (Northern Area), Louis Rolston (Northern Ireland), Isabella Jarrett (Scotland), Michael Branwell (South East Area ), Nicky Diprose (South West Area) and Julia Carson Sims (Wales).

The following members were elected to the Appeals Committee: Joan Blackham, Lynn Farleigh, Doreen Mantle, Graham Padden and Jeffry Wickham.                                                                                                                          

The following members were elected to the Standing Orders Committee: Sylvia Alexander-Vine, John Carnegie, Robert Mill, Graham Padden and Geremy Phillips.

The Council has re-elected Jean Rogers and David Cockayne as Vice-Presidents and Bryn Evans as Honorary Treasurer.

You can download the full election results from this website at: See a complete list of the new Equity Council here:

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Massaged Figures

Name: Ian Seale

Date: 20 July 2012

10.9% of the membership bothered to vote in the 2010 Equity Council Election - and that was mis-reported, higher, at the time.

11.5% of the membership bothered to vote in 2012.

When the numbers are so low, single percentage points and fractions of percentage points are relevant - massaging figures upwards to try and look good doesn't help anybody.

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Council election results compared to previous one in 2010


Date: 20 July 2012

Interesting figures;

Eligible to vote
2010 35561.............2012 36374
therefore membership up 813 in two years

Total ballots recorded
2010 4269..............2012 4193
therefore 76 less voting papers returned this time!!!

Vote for President
Malcolm Sinclair 2010 1799...2012 1819
despite loyal/obsessive/hysterical campaigning
(depending on what you think)
only 20 more votes this time!!!

Dave Eager 2010...522 2012 603
81 more votes this time.

Voting FOR President
Papers returned 2010...3914 2012....3925
this election only 11 more members bothered to vote than previous time

Total ballot papers received back
2010.....4269 2012.......4193
2010.....3914 2012.......3914
Less voted for President than Councillors
2010..... 355 2012.......268
Why did 6 YOUNG Councillors elected last time not stand again?.

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President Sinclair's comment


Date: 18 July 2012

88% of the members did not vote, and only a minority of those who did voted for Malcolm, so there is little justification for his comment that "...the members have shown confidence in the way the union is progressing..."

Nigel Harris

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