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Members invited to design new Equity logo

1 June 2017

Equity logo purple

Equity wants to refresh its brand logo and is inviting members to send in suggestions. The union is updating the design of all its communications, which will include launching a new website later this year. As part of this process, an update to the logo is being explored and the union would like its members to suggest a new version. The criteria for entries is:

  1. The name ‘Equity’ remains.
  2. The masks, in some form, remain.
  3. The image should be sent as a JPEG file.
  4. The size of the image should be below 10 megabytes.
  5. The image should be emailed to
  6. Closing date for entries is 12 June 2017.
  7. A short list of three will be selected and put to the membership to vote on.
  8. Equity reserves the right not to choose any of the suggested logos.

Why a new logo?
Over the past six months Equity staff have travelled the nations and regions consulting with Equity members, through their branches and committees, on an update to the union’s design and communications. One aspect many members were keen to contribute towards was a potential new Equity logo. Therefore the idea to open the design process to Equity members was put to Council, the union’s governing body, and unanimously agreed. It was also reported to Equity's annual conference in May to general acclaim. Should a member be engaged on a winning design that member will be compensated for their time with a fee to be negotiated. 


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