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Members vote by three to two for a smaller Council

4 December 2012

Members have voted by three to two in favour of a smaller Equity Council and giving rights to English Area AGMs to send representatives to Equity's annual conference.

In a low turnout of 6%, 59% voted yes to the Council question and 60% voted yes on English area AGMs.

The first Rule change is about the constitution of the Equity Council itself. It reduces the number of seats on the Council from 46 to 31. New reserved seats for Members with Disabilities, Creative Team (two seats covering Choreographers, Theatre Designers, Theatre Directors and Theatre Fight Directors) and Young Members will be introduced and reserved seats for Audio Artists, Choreographers, Chorus and Ensemble, Opera, Stunt Performers, Theatre Designers, Theatre Directors, TiE and Young People's Theatre, Walk-ons and London Area will be abolished. The General List, in which any member may stand, will be reduced from 17 to 12 and the variety list will be reduced from six to four.

The next Council election is due in 2014.

The second Rule change gives English area annual general meetings of members the right to send representatives to Equity's Annual Representative Conference.

Equity General Secretary Christine Payne welcomed the decision: “This is an enormous step in the modernisation of Equity. Even though the turnout was low, the decision was clear - 60% of members voting wanted change.

“This decision, coupled with the changes to Equity committees and on-line structures we are also discussing, will allow more working members to be involved in their union making decisions and influencing policy which directly affects their working lives.

“The new structures will sit very well alongside Equity’s  Annual Representative Conference in creating an effective democratic voice for members.”

The report from independent scrutioneer Popularis is available to download here.

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