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Message of support to Spanish artists on strike

14 November 2012

News has reached Equity that yesterday (14 November) a group of performers and stage technicians have locked themselves in Teatro Español (Spanish Theatre) of Madrid.

The action is part of coordinated actions and demonstrations of the general strike in Spain.

Equity has sent a message of solidarity to colleagues in the three Spanish performing arts unions who were on strike on 14 November in protest at the Spanish Government's austerity policies.

The message from Equity General Secretary Christine Payne reads: "We send you fraternal greetings from the UK as you embark on your day of action on 14 November 2012. Public support for the arts and culture in Europe enables theatre, film and music to survive and flourish. Without it, the commercial sector and our broadcasters wouldn’t be able to access the world leading talent they need and opportunities to work our industries, which are successful drivers of growth, will be limited to fewer in society. We wish you all the best and hope that through this action our leaders will realise and accept that austerity policies are not working and that we need new, positive policies for growth and jobs."

The three unions are Comisiones Obreras - Comunicación Artes Cultura Y Deporte, Federación De Artistas Del Estado Español and Organización De Sindicatos De Actores Y Actrices Del Estado Español. All three unions are members of the International Federation of Actors.

The TUC has today also issued a statement supporting Spanish workers which is available on the TUC's web site.

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