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New Sub Rep deal agreed

22 December 2016

Equity has negotiated a new Subsidised Repertory agreement that provides higher salaries, better overtime pay and raised employer pension contributions.

The new deal with UK Theatre runs from 30 January 2017 to March 2019.

The pay rises are between 9.6% and 13%, which are inflation-busting and hugely in excess of any increases in Arts Council funding. There will be an additional 2% paid by the Employer into the Equity Pension Scheme and overtime will now be calculated at double time rather than time and a half for missed breaks and certain work in excess of weekly hours. Plus, the deal includes a new equalities clause to better reflect the duties of employers to employ a diverse range of artists.

The deal was formed following a series of negotiations by Equity’s Stage Committee. The Committee created a proposed agreement and then the union surveyed 5,000 members who had worked on an Equity Subsidised Repertory Agreement since 2010. Almost 25% of members responded, which is a very high response rate for surveys of this kind. The members gave an overwhelming verdict in favour of the deal, with more than 75% voting for it.

Hilary Hadley, Equity’s Head of Live Performance said: “We have only been able to achieve such a good deal thanks to the hard work and involvement of so many Equity members. I would like to thank the members of Stage Committee Working Party for their perseverance in difficult but ultimately rewarding negotiations and to those members who responded to our online survey as well as the many hundreds of members who took the time to vote either for or against the proposal.”

A copy of the full agreement will be on the website soon.

If members have any enquiries about the new agreement please contact Paul Fleming on

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