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New survey aims to understand the success of British theatre

16 April 2012

A theatre stageThe Creative & Cultural Skills, Arts Council England, and Nesta have joined forces to commission new independent research into the influence of the subsidised theatre on commercial theatre, with a view to gaining a greater understanding of the role of public investment in the arts.

The survey will track the careers of people in the industry, and the talent that has emerged from it, in order to better understand the impact that public investment in the theatre sector makes.

The aim is to collect the views of a range of theatre professionals currently or previously working in the sector, as well as those who have aspired to do so, on how their careers have developed. The wider the range of participants, the more valuable the research will be, and the more we will know about the success story of British Theatre.

Key questions for the research include:

  • Does public subsidy enable individuals to engage with more innovative and riskier work?
  • How do individuals build skills, experience and contacts in the theatre sector?
  • How do practitioners move between different mediums (theatre, film, TV, advertising)

Please take the survey here

The findings from the research will be published in the summer of 2012.

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