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Newcastle to cut all arts funding

27 November 2012

Newcastle bridgeNewcastle City Council is planning to cut all funding to arts organisations, including the Theatre Royal, Northern Stage and Live Theatre.

Some venues may shut or merge, with Seven Stories and the Theatre Royal "particularly vulnerable", the council said. However, both organisations have claimed they will survive the cuts.

Christine Payne, Equity General Secretary, said: “It is difficult to understand the logic of a 100% cut to the arts when this represents a marginal proportion of both the council’s budget and the desired cost savings.

“Investment in the arts and culture in Newcastle have played a huge part in the regeneration of the city. It would be a tragedy if Newcastle’s vibrant arts scene, exemplified by Northern Stage, the Theatre Royal, Live Theatre and Dance City, were to be threatened.”

Equity is currently consulting with venues and members on the best way to defend the arts in Newcastle.


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