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Obituary: Bill Weston

14 May 2012


29 May 1941 - 25 March 2012

Stuntman, Equity Councillor, Member of Health and Safety Forum

Bill Weston, stuntman to the stars, carried out his career with passion and dedication. Credited in countless blockbuster films including the James Bond movies. Other stunt credits included Titanic, Troilus and Cressida, Saving Private Ryan, Batman Begins and Raiders of the Lost Ark to name just a few. He worked alongside major industry names and gained respect from all who had the pleasure to work with him.
In many ways Bill was a mysterious man. Rumours such as his connections to the S.A.S were simply responded to with a quiet smile and it has often been said by his compatriots that no one every really knew him.
What we do know about Bill is that he was an eternally compassionate and self-effacing man. Heavily committed to his work with Equity, he would not tolerate injustice to his fellow men, fighting alongside any individual who had been wronged or discriminated against.
Even when faced with a terminal prognosis, Bill’s endless optimism and motivation was, and still is, inspiring.
Bill’s reverence was evident in the large number of friends and colleagues that turned out to say farewell at the Memorial held for him at the Auriol Rowing Club, Hammersmith on Tuesday 24th April. Bill loved the river, and his ashes were scattered on the Thames as the sun set that evening.
A rare human being, whose compassion and kindness shone, Bill will be deeply missed.

Bill is survived by his wife Judy.


Barbara Hyslop and Teri Scoble

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