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Parents in Performing Arts announces plan for Best Practice Charter

3 October 2016

Parents in Performing ArtsParents in Performing Arts (PIPA) has announced a first-of-its-kind Best Practice Action Research Project in partnership with 15 leading UK theatres and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD).

In the first phase of the project, research will be conducted in order to identify the barriers facing carers working in the performing arts. Based on these findings, the project leaders will then suggest and test possible solutions to these barriers. The final outcome will be a Best Practice Charter to be embedded in Family Arts Standards in conjunction with the Family and Childcare Trust as well as other performing arts industry guidelines.

In response to the project, Equity members and key PIPA advocates Claire Wyatt and Adam Burns released a joint statement that said: "We're thrilled at the announcement of this research and excited to hear the results and suggested best practice guidelines. Sadlly, our industry lags woefully behind other industries when it comes to our rights as carers, as well as offering creative solutions to caring responsibilities. Every day we hear of more talented people missing out on work and opportunities, or sacrificing precious family time to meet the unacceptable expectations of our industry or, at worst, leaving the profession altogether as they cannot make it work alongside raising a family or caring for others. It's a desperate waste of talent and we hope this new initiative helps us move forward - fast!" 

The project is funded by The Arts Council of England, Creative Scotland, CSSD, Actors’ Children’s Trust, UK Theatre and The Family Arts Campaign. It will be led by PIPA co-founders Cassie Raine and Anna Ehnold-Danailov with Dr Tom Cornford from CSSD.

PIPA is a consortium of 18 leading industry organisations including Equity. 

Find out more about PIPA at and view the full press release for PIPA's Best Practice Action Research Project




Leading venues across the UK have launched a major year-long project that aims to identify barriers faced by parents in the sector and has the potential to “change the landscape” of theatre.

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