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PIPA report highlights problems for carers working in theatre

5 January 2017

A new report by Parents in Performing Arts (PIPA), a consortium of 18 leading Industry organisations including Equity, has highlighted the problems carers encounter when working in theatre.

The initial findings, based on a UK wide survey with 966 respondents working in the theatre sector, as well as follow-up interviews and focus groups conducted with the 15 partner theatre organisations, confirm that the burden of childcare falls disproportionately on women. It also reveals that self-employed people are significantly disadvantaged by current provisions for childcare support.

According to the survey 81% of self-employed people and 57% of employed people reported that they have turned down work as a result of a caring responsibility. Further, 66% of survey respondents reported changing their jobs as a consequence of becoming parents.

It also reveals that there is a tacit working culture in theatres that disadvantages people with caring responsibilities and moreover that caring responsibilities that are not for dependent children are invisible to employers.

The overall aim of the research is to identify barriers facing carers working in the performing arts, and to investigate practical ways of reducing them. The outcome will be a Best Practice Charter to be embedded in the Family Arts Standards in conjunction with the Family and Childcare Trust as well as other performing arts industry guidelines.

Read the report in The Stage

For further information visit:

Parents in Performing Arts


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