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Protest against HMRC’s plans to close tax enquiry centres

4 December 2013

HMRC logoEquity is supporting our sister union PCS in protesting against the potential closure of 281 local tax offices that provide a vital face-to-face service for members.

Please sign the petition against these proposals by the HMRC.

Many Equity members have a low income and are unable to afford professional accountancy advice. Local enquiry centres are able to provide a valuable support to our members who have queries that are not always straightforward as the nature of their engagements varies and often includes work done abroad such as on Cruise Ships.

Equity General Secretary Christine Payne said:
“We are extremely concerned that the closure of this valuable face-to-face service will result in members getting into difficulties with their tax affairs leading to subsequent fines, penalties or even worse consequences. We do not believe that telephoning HMRC for advice is in any way an adequate alternative as waiting times within the telephone queuing system are very lengthy and, because of the lack of any direct personal contact, conversations can be difficult for both parties.”

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