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Publishing BBC salaries is "voyeuristic intrusion" Equity says

12 October 2016

The Government’s instruction to the BBC that it must publish the salaries of actors, presenters, journalists and others who earn more than £150,000 a year has met with a storm of outrage.

It is Equity’s view that this is a voyeuristic intrusion into the personal lives of those affected and while the Government asserts that licence fee payers have a right to know, the proposal is of no value unless the viewing public has a comparison of pay across the TV and radio industry so they can judge if BBC salaries are value for money.

Equity General Secretary Christine Payne said: "Equity is consulting with lawyers and has warned the BBC that publishing the salaries of Equity members who work for the BBC could be in breach of both their individual contracts and also of the Data Protection Act."

Although the Government has not consulted with Equity or any other trade union on this decision, Equity has left Ministers in no doubt about its views.


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