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The Equity Online Branch is for you

1 November 2016

If you want a say in how Equity works for its members but can’t get to meetings of your local branch then the Equity Online Branch is for you.

You can discuss issues that matter to you and propose and debate motions which will be sent to the Equity Council for action.

To register with the Equity Online Branch go to the Members’ Area of this web site and follow the link at the foot of the page.

We are now electing the Equity Online Branch’s first ever Committee. It will be made up of nine members who will oversee the operation of the Online branch for the next two years. Go to the Equity Online Branch Committee elections page to complete your nomination. You will need the support of two fellow members who are also registered with the Equity Online Branch.

For more information visit the Equity Online Branch or contact You can download the Equity Online Branch rules and standing orders here.

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