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The Equity Online Branch is now live

16 February 2016

The Equity Online Branch is now live. Meet fellow members online, have discussions about the issues which matter to you, and debate motions about what Equity should be doing.

The Online branch has been in development for some years and is, as far as Equity has been able to establish, the first fully online trade union branch anywhere in the world.

Any full member of Equity can join - all you have to do is click the banner below.

There is a Chat Room for general discussions. At any time a member of the Branch can propose a motion which will be debated by the same rules as for a geographical branch and motions carried will have the same power as for any other branch.

The Online Branch is live 24 hours a day 52 weeks of the year and may be particularly useful for members who cannot attend their geographical branch meetings.

You can read the Rules and Standing Orders of the Online Branch here.





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