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Turkey performers form union

15 August 2011

Turkey flag

At the last meeting of the EuroFIA group, which brings together performers' unions from all over Europe including Equity, a delegation from Turkey shared an inspiring video about their attempt to form a union. The film documents their efforts, which is a challenging process given Turkey's complicated labour laws.

To see the vdeo, click on Turkish union film

Meanwhile, Equity condemns the continuing attacks on the Freedom Theatre in Jenin.

On 27 July two members of the Freedom Theatre in the refugee camp in Jenin were arrested and detained during a raid by Israeli defence personnel. Substantial damage was caused to the building used by the Freedom Theatre during the incident. On 6 August actor Rami Hwayel, who was due to appear in TFT’s production of Waiting for Godot was arrested and detained for 5 days without access to a lawyer. A further raid on the theatre and its staff occurred in the early hours of 22 August.

 Christine Payne, Equity General Secretary says: “As a non party political, non sectarian trade union representing over 36,500 performers and creative workers here in the UK, one of Equity’s core aims is to promote freedom of artistic expression for all, at home and abroad. Causing damage to theatres which were built to bring film, theatre and arts education to communities such as Jenin and disrupting the work of the people who strive to make the Freedom Theatre a success is unacceptable.”

Equity is urging members to sign a petition in solidarity with the Freedom Theatre of Jenin.

Get involved by following this link Freedom Theatre of Jenin

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