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Unfairness at work

14 December 2012

Unions 21 are bringing together academics, campaigners and workers to discuss new ideas on how to reduce unfairness in the workplace and improve the offer to British workers in a climate of stagnating wages, insecure jobs and attacks on employees’ rights.

To make sure the final Commission report reflects the priorities and views of Equity members and the entertainment sector, please submit evidence of your experiences to the commission via the online survey

Or alternatively email your input on the questions below to The deadline for entries is 10th January 2013.

1) How can we break down barriers to fairness in the workplace?
2) In what ways can workplaces be made more family friendly?
3) In what ways can work be made more secure?
4) In what ways can we make pay fairer?~
5) How can we make every job part of a career?
6) How can fair work contribute to good economic performance and successful modern business?


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