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West End update

28 March 2013

Latest news

The meeting demanded by Equity between the President, the General Secretary and other Equity negotiators with the CEO of SOLT and representatives of their negotiating team has now been arranged for after Easter.

The outcome of this meeting will be reported to the next meeting of the Equity Deputies Committee to be held on Friday 12 April 2013.

 We will be informing all our members after that date.


The new proposed West End settlement was considered by the Equity Council at its meeting on 19 March.

Council was advised that there is a majority of members in favour of the new settlement, both in the individual companies and in the on-line vote of members who had recently worked on the West End Agreement. However, members both currently and recently working in the West End have raised strong concerns about the possibility of second performances being scheduled on a Sunday. 

Council, in the light of this concern and given the other aspects of the settlement were acceptable, has decided it will endorse the settlement if SOLT agree to the following: Sunday payments as set out in the Agreement will apply, however the Managers must seek individual consent from each company member for a second Sunday performance. 

Given the Managers have confirmed in writing to Equity that they do not anticipate a change of scheduling or many shows doing two performances, Equity is hopeful that the Managers will agree to the above arrangement so that Equity and SOLT can proceed to endorse the settlement and retain the improvements. If the Managers do not agree, then Equity will consult members again.

The Council agreed that both the President and the General Secretary along with Equity negotiators should meet with the CEO of SOLT and representatives of their negotiating Committee as soon as possible.

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