Equity launches new Student Deputy Network

Equity officially launched its new Student Deputies’ Network on 30 November, 2017.

Prospective student deputies gathered together for games, pizza, and information about the union and how to get involved in student activism.

Young members’ councillor Abiola Ogunbiyi gave a speech, as did recently appointed student deputy Abby Dunlavy. Abby, an acting student at Mountview Academy, described this initiative as “a chance to seize the day within the field we have chosen to study and to be a part of. To have a say within our wider community on the way in which we intend to be a part of it. And we actually get to choose how this works,” she continued. “We are completely empowered within this role and, wow, is that rare and fantastic.”

Student scheme and events coordinator Amy Dawson was “thrilled” by the energy at the launch.

She explained: “Many of the issues our professional members face are the same ones occurring in drama schools. By involving members in Equity’s work at the start of their careers, and equipping them with knowledge of their rights, we can effect real change in training institutions, and help create the next generation of (graduate) activists.”

Photography by Mark Thomas