Happy Birthday Equity Pension

The Equity Pension Scheme (EPS) has celebrated its 20th anniversary, as the Novello Theatre production of Mamma Mia! marks its third consecutive year of the full cast being signed up to the scheme.

The EPS was set up to help performers and creative practitioners prepare for their future and retirement.

It was designed specifically for members because of their unpredicatable work lives and is the only scheme that theatre, film, television and radio production
companies will pay into.

Mamma Mia! Deputies Mark Isherwood and Oli Reynolds are delighted in their fellow cast members’ united commitment to the scheme.

“It shows that people really believe in the change that can come from being in Equity,” Oli said. “It’s a great thing for the union and a great thing for London theatres.” Mark agreed, stating that the scheme showed “the power Equity has when it comes to getting a good deal”.

The work of Mark and Oli underscores the important role deputies play in promoting the benefits of Equity membership, such as the EPS, agreements, insurance and legal help to their colleagues.

Equity Council and union staff also took time out from the October Council meeting to reflect on the achievements of the pension scheme.

Currently, the EPS is managing more than £117 million, and there are around 8,300 people signed up to it. The EPS is now Aviva’s, the insurance, savings and investments firm, largest personal pension scheme and it has received more than £60.8 million from production companies.

Members can indicate which of the more than 270 investment funds they wish to invest in, including Ethical and Sustainable Future funds. For more information contact andrew.barker@firstact.co.uk

Photography by Philip Hartley