Call for BAME members

Building on the success of last year’s BAME hair and make-up course for film and TV professional hair and make-up artists, we are once again working with BECTU to deliver a further 3 modules of training, and offering delegates the opportunity to work with Equity members as “models”. Both unions are keen to give everyone involved the best learning experience possible and by working in this way our members will be able to learn about their own skin and hair as part of the training. In exchange for our members’ time we are offering an honorarium of £100 each per day to cover travel, subsistence and out of pocket expenses. 

We are looking for a variety of ethnicities, skin colours and hair lengths and will need current headshots and descriptions from all members who want to take part. Once we have all the applicants’ head shots we will be working with the course tutor on the selection and we will applicants know you know as soon as possible after 12 December if you are suitable.

If you feel you have the time to contribute, and would like to be part of this unique experience, please have a look at the dates below and make sure you are available then email (please write BAME Hair and Make-up in the subject line) with your available date(s), headshot and ethnicity by noon on 10th December. Before applying please check you are able to satisfy the stipulations for participants at the end of this page. Thank you.

Tuesday 29 Jan – Understanding Afro Hair (WOMEN) – 2 “models” only

Morning – one model with natural non chemical treated medium length Afro hair

Afternoon – one model with plaits for demo

Wednesday 30 Jan  - Understanding Afro Hair (WOMEN) 8 different “models” in total

3 x models with natural non chemical treated medium length Afro hair

2 x models with locs

2 x models with plaits

1 x model with weave extensions

Thursday 31 Jan - Barbering Skills for Afro Hair (MEN) 8 different “models” in total with beards and hair for cutting

Friday 1 Feb – Barbering Skills for Afro Hair and Male Make-up (MEN) – 7 different  “models” in total with beards for shaving and male make-up

Monday 4 Feb – Media Make-up for Black & Asian Skins – (FEMALE) 7 Afro-Caribbean “models”

Tuesday 5 Feb - Media Make-up for Black & Asian Skins – (FEMALE) 7 South Asian “models”

Wednesday 6 Feb - Media Make-up for Black & Asian Skins – (FEMALE) 7 East Asian “models”

Stipulations for participants 

  • Everyone will need to have their valid Equity card with them. 
  • Everyone must arrive with clean hair as we have no hair washing facilities. 
  • Women must be prepared to allow the stylists to work on their natural hair (i.e. not wigs and extensions).
  • Women’s hair must be of a reasonable length to allow different styles to be practised i.e. braiding, corn rows, twists etc ( Suggest 8cm or longer).
  • Males must be prepared to have their hair cut / trimmed. (Please be prepared to grow it in the weeks before the training date to allow it to be cut/ styled on the day).
  • Ideally looking for an assortment of styles for the men i.e. Fades, Buzz cuts, Flat tops, Short dreads, Tapers.
  • If you are chosen we will need you between approx. 10am and 5pm on the training day.
  • There is no car parking available at the BECTU offices.
  • There is coffee, tea, water and biscuits throughout the day but no lunch (lunch can be bought nearby or you can bring your own). It will be a working lunch, not a full hour break and everyone is welcome to use the kitchen facilities.

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash