Equity Council elections 2018

Every two years members elect the Equity Council, the governing body of the union, and the Equity President.

The members of the Council and the President are your voice in the union. Together they make crucial decisions about what the union does — for example, the contracts we agree with employers and the campaigns we run on behalf of members. The President, who is a full member of the Equity Council, presides over meetings of the Council, the annual conference and other union meetings.

Two other key Equity committees are also being elected. The Appeals Committee hears appeals from members against disciplinary penalties imposed by the Council or against a decision not to call a Special Representative Conference requisitioned by members. The Standing Orders Committee arranges the business for the Equity Annual Representative Conference, which brings together representatives from across the union to make policy.

Just like you, candidates in these elections are members of Equity. No member gets a salary for this — they give their time freely to improve the working lives of all Equity members. Show your support for your union — vote! — and make sure that you have your say in how your union is run over the next two years.

Please read the candidates’ election statements, view the election videos and make sure you get your vote in by noon on 4 July.

- Christine Payne, General Secretary of Equity

As an election for the union’s governing body, this ballot can only be submitted by post. All eligible members should have received a ballot paper; if you have not please email elections@equity.org.uk or call 020 7670 0266.

You can also read the Council's policy on campaigning in Equity elections

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