Equity welcomes Film & TV Charity's Support Line

Equity welcomes the Film & Television Charity's a new, free, 24/7 Support Line.

The helpline will support everyone working in film and TV on a number of issues including stress, anxiety, health, mental health, and financial and legal concerns. Individuals will be offered a listening ear, and they will also be offered "counselling, money and debt advice, legal advice and financial assistance where appropriate."

Christine Payne, Equity General Secretary said: “The new Film & TV Charity’s Support Line is a very welcome development. One of the conclusions of Agenda for Change, our report into sexual harassment, was that all organisations in our industry need to work together to achieve real change. Equity members are encouraged to continue to contact the union with workplace issues, via Equity’s Harassment Helpline or our offices, but any further support for entertainment workers such as the new Film & TV Support Line is a positive step.”

Maureen Beattie, Equity’s Vice President said: "The launch of this new helpline is great news. Any initiative which supports and protects the people working in our industry is very welcome. Equity's own dedicated helpline and highly skilled staff stand ready to help and assist any of our members referred to us via The Film and TV Charity. The ultimate goal for us, and one I'm sure we share with The Film and TV Charity, is of course the eradication in our industry of bullying and harassment of any kind, and to that end our members are encouraged to read aloud our affirmation at the start of every new project, and all employers and casting agents are encouraged to prominently display our Creating Safe Spaces poster as a visible sign of their commitment to achieving real and meaningful change."