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Vote to elect Christine Payne back on the PPL board

Christine Payne, Equity’s General Secretary, is standing for election to the board of PPL. Established in 1934, PPL licences the use of recorded music played in public or broadcast on radio, TV and on the internet. Its members comprise tens of thousands of performers and record labels.

Equity was a founding member of the PPL Performer Board, but due to changes in legislation no longer has a reserved place. We are encouraging PPL members to vote for Christine to join the board to ensure the close relationship between Equity and PPL is maintained.

Christine said, “The world in which music is consumed is dramatically changing and performers now more than ever need PPL to both keep up with those changes and ensure that the rights and interests of performers are not weakened. I was elected General Secretary of Equity in 2005 and I have been a member of the Board since 2010, and I bring both my own, and the union's, wealth of experience in representing performers as a Performer Director at PPL.”

Christine’s full statement and details of how PPL members can vote are found here.