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Rule change referendum

There are three rule changes that need to be put to a referendum.

The first proposed change deals with Equity’s objects, powers and duties, which if approved will have the effect of updating the rules in relation to harassment and discrimination to recognise the protected characteristics included within equality law; and to include references to bullying and victimisation.

The second proposed change if passed would insert the qualification of being “in benefit” to apply to a member voting in the election of the Equity General Secretary.

The third proposed change clarifies the wording of the different types of majority, which are used to make decisions, in Equity’s Rules.

The Council is urging members to vote “Yes” to all three questions in this referendum.

How to vote
Your ballot paper is enclosed with the latest magazine, which will arrive from Thursday 25th October. You might find it quicker and easier to vote online using the 'Vote Now' button in your 'My Account' page on the website and the code included with your magazine. Make sure you vote by the close of poll at noon on 30 November 2018.