Equity Council digest: September 2018

At its meeting in September 2018, the Equity Council made the following decisions:


·         To elect Ian Barritt and Julia Carson Sims to the posts of Vice President.

·         To thank Ian McKellen who is stepping down as a Trustee of Equity, and to hold a ballot of the whole Council to appoint Malcolm Sinclair to the vacant Trustee position.

·        To elect Nick Fletcher as Council’s observer to the Screen & New Media Committee

·        To elect Linda Broughton as Council’s observer to the Stage Committee

·        To elect Maureen Hibbert as Council’s observer to the Women’s Committee

·        To elect Nicholas Keegan as Council’s observer to the LGBT+ Committee

·        To nominate Ian Barritt, Di Christian, Bryn Evans, David John and Mary Lane as trustees of the Equity Charitable Trust

·        To nominate Kelly Burke as trustee of IPAT

·        To elect Adam Burns, Di Christian, David John and Stephen McGuire to the Standing Orders Committee

·        To elect Xander Black, Jo Cameron Brown, Di Christian, Mary Lane, Maggie McCarthy, Rhubarb The Clown and Sally Treble to the Disciplinary Subcommittee

·         To elect Xander Black, Adam Burns, Graham Hamilton, Stephen McGuire and Rhubarb The Clown to the Financial Stability Working Party

·        To elect Graham Hamilton and Rhubarb The Clown to the Rule 28 Working Party

·         To increase expenses for members attending Equity meetings in an official capacity. The lunch rate rises from £7.50 to a maximum of £8.50 and the evening meal rate rises from £14 to a maximum of £18. Receipts will now be required without exception. Car mileage rises to 45p (from 26p) and bicycle mileage to 20p (from 12p).

·        To renew the members’ public liability, accident and backstage covers from 2019 for a five year period at a fixed rate of £2.72 per member for PLI and £6.83 per member for the combined accident and backstage covers. This represents a 5% increase on the last fixed rate which was negotiated in 2013.

·         To allocate a budget for an event to mark the 1st anniversary of the union’s Agenda for Change and Safe Spaces campaigns in 2019.

·         To make grants from the Unknown Funds to branches and committees for specific projects

·         To appoint Popularis Ltd as the assurer to provide Equity’s Membership Audit Certificate for 2018.

·        To appoint David Smith as the union’s Data Protection Officer.

·         To co-opt Caron Jane Lyon to the Stage Management Committee to fill a vacancy.


The Council also discussed:


·         Negotiations with the BBC, PACT and Netflix

·         Games and audio books

·         Negotiations for directors in the West End

·         Brexit and the impact on Equity members of the government failing to secure a deal in their interest

·         The Disclosure & Barring Service

·         The Storytellers’ Network

·         The union’s updated budget for 2018

·         The timetables for Council meetings, Committee elections and the Annual Representative Conference in 2019


The Council also welcomed a new record number of members in benefit, with the union’s total membership (excluding students) now standing at 44,708.


You can contact the Council via their page on the website.