Equity distributes payments to 15k performers

Equity distribution services is preparing a major payment run in December to include monies for artists in BBC programmes picked up by cable and satellite channels in neighbouring countries and royalties for archive radio drama, comedy and entertainment programmes broadcast on BBC 4Extra.  

December’s payout will be the ninth distribution of royalties and secondary payments by the union’s in-house distribution services. More than 15,000 performers will have received payments over the course of the year totalling in excess of £20m.

Taking this final distribution for 2019 into account, the union will have collected and paid out more than £33m in performer payments since the distribution services were first launched in late 2017. 

The successful combination of the union’s contract enforcement of its film and television agreements and a dedicated in-house distribution team will be carried through to 2020 with the aim of further boosting the volume of secondary payments secured by the union for performers.

Find out more at www.equity.org.uk/EDS