Get your guide to LA

Equity’s network in Los Angeles provides a contact point for fellow members looking to work in the US and delivers events and networking opportunities.

At Equity’s annual LA Summer Garden Party this year, the network revealed a new guide for members thinking about working on the West Coast. The guide contains myriad useful information, including sections on immigration, healthcare, areas to live, agents and managers, and much more.

If you want an idea of what to expect from a screen test in pilot season, or are wondering when the best time of year to approach agents is, the guide has you covered. There are member-recommended classes and employment agencies should you find yourself between work. Finally, it can be tough to keep careers going on both sides of the Atlantic so another section tackles keeping things going back in the UK while you are in California.

Equity’s Assistant General Secretary Matt Hood, speaking at the launch, said: “Equity members are rightly recognised as world-class talents and that means they will get opportunities across the globe. Our Los Angeles network has created an incredibly useful resource that covers all the basic information anyone just starting out in LA, or thinking about making the move, will need.”

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