Get involved with the #MyCardMyUnion campaign

We are asking members to help us celebrate 90 years of the union this year. It was in 1929 that performers first met together to fight for their own protection and the benefit of all those working in the industry. Without those pioneers Equity would not exist and without your support we would not be the strong and successful trade union we are today.
#MyCardMyUnion launch
On 12 February we asked all members to show their solidarity with their union by posting a selfie to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with their membership card and include the hashtags #MyCardMyUnion and #ProudtobeEquity
It has been a huge success and we want to continue the campaign.
Discussing the union at work
In the coming weeks and months you will see images from the #MyCardMyUnion campaign in the workplace (such as posters and leaflets) and online. Every Monday throughout the year we will be releasing further portraits of some of our high profile members on social media demonstrating their solidarity with the union and we want members to take the opportunity to share their support.
We hope that this will give members a platform to discuss the union at work and convince those who are not already members to sign up.
Reasons for being a member
Equity is a successful trade union, we currently have the largest number of members in our history at 45,475, but there are still many who are yet to sign up despite the many reasons to join.
In the past five years alone, for example, we have collected more than £60 million in royalties and other secondary payments for Equity performers, arising from the terms of our collective agreements. Our agreements underpin the whole industry and our campaigning strives to make it a safer and fairer place to work for everyone. Through #MyCardMyUnion members have shared what they have valued, such as crucial help following an accident, the resolution of workplace and legal disputes, securing their hard earned money and pension support.
We need a strong membership because there are challenges ahead. Brexit is casting a shadow over us all and we are currently in tough negotiations in theatre, film and with the streaming media giants. 
Thank you for being #ProudtobeEquity and please continue to support the #MyCardMyUnion campaign.