New Park Theatre protocol agreed

Park Theatre, who have always used the Equity Commercial Theatre Agreement when they produce, are extending their commitment to union terms. A protocol has been agreed to ensure that performers and stage management working on received shows are always on an appropriate union agreement.

This could be the Fringe Agreement for the smallest companies, the ITC Agreement for those with public subsidy or Commercial Theatre terms for bigger unsubsidised producers. Both Equity and Park Theatre intend for this to be a positive way of supporting terms across the industry – and introducing new and emerging producers to union terms.

Rachael Williams, executive director at Park Theatre said: “As a theatre which prides itself on being supportive of dynamic, emerging producers, we think it’s absolutely right that we work constructively to ensure the performers and stage management who work here – whoever they’re engaged by – are on industry standard, union negotiated terms. This has been a long term ambition of ours, and is already working well.”

Paul W Fleming, industrial organiser for theatre at Equity said: “This is really promising, and follows similar moves by other houses all over the country. This isn’t about penalising new producers, but helping to educate them as to how to engage our members in an ethical way – on the correct union agreement.”