Equity Council digest: January 2019

At its meeting in January 2019, the Equity Council made the following decisions: 

  • To approve the union’s 2018 accounts
  • To approve expenditure on the replacement of the air conditioning and heating system in the union’s London office.
  • To appoint Popularis Ltd to provide the union’s Membership Audit Certificate for 2018 and to act as Scrutineer for the 2019 committee elections.
  • To appoint the General Secretary to act as Scrutineer for the election of representatives to the 2019 Annual Representative Conference.
  • To review the trial of the reformed Online Branch in September 2019.
  • To endorse the report of the Arts Policy & Campaigning Working Party, which will be publish to members as an “Arts & Culture Manifesto”.
  • To endorse the nomination of Suzy Martell to represent Equity at the York TUC.
  • To change the composition of the LGBT+ Committee from the 2019 elections onward to
    • 3 female-identifying members
    • 3 male-identifying members
    • 3 Trans members, including (but not limited to) transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer and intersex members.
  • To review the role of and areas covered by Area and National Councillors.
  • To conduct a review of Equity’s green strategy.

The Council also discussed:

  • Equity’s Women & Games event on 8 March 2019
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Commercial Dance Network
  • Short notice decision making
  • Members’ legal cases
  • The AEA Lab & Development Work Strike in New York, and the union’s letter of solidarity.

The Council also welcomed a new record number of members in benefit, with the union’s total membership (excluding students) now standing at 45,575.

You can contact the Council via their page on the website.