Equity Council digest - July 2019

At its meeting in July 2019, the Equity Council made the following decisions:

  • To approve recommended actions for motions carried or remitted at the Annual Representative Conference 2019. These can be found here
  • To approve merge the Northern Ireland Variety Branch into the Northern Ireland General Branch.
  • To approve changes to subscription rate bands and fees from 1st January 2020.
  • To formally rename the Disciplinary Sub-Committee as the Disciplinary Committee.
  • To approve recommendations on future Open Space events at the Annual Representative Conference.
  • To approve the timetable for the Rule Change Referendum on Rules 3, 15 and 27 as carried at the Annual Representative Conference.
  • To approve the authors of the statements in support of the above Rule changes on behalf of the Council.
  • To approve an applications submitted by the South & South East London General Branch to use the “unknown funds”
  • To approve the timetable for the election of the General Secretary in 2020.
  • To remove illustrations from the draft report of Arts Policy & Campaigns.
  • To support Equity’s commitment to Stage Sight.

The Council also discussed:

  • The new guide to Resolving Members Complaints
  • HMRC and members’ tax status
  • The Equity Distribution Service - £14,000,000 paid out January-July 2019
  • The Equity/Netflix agreement
  • The Equity/BBC agreement and the iPlayer licence extension proposals
  • Dubbing
  • The Equity/SOLT West End theatre agreement
  • The Equity/Theatre UK Subsidised theatre agreement
  • The Equity/Theatre UK Commercial theatre agreement
  • The Online Branch
  • The Equity Committee Election results 2019
  • Partnerships
  • The LGBT+ Trade Union Conference 2019
  • The Irish Congress of Trade Unions 2019
  • The meeting of EuroFIA in Hamburg in June 2019
  • The Equity Staff Training Day 2019

The Council also welcomed a new record number of members in benefit, with the union’s total membership (excluding students) now standing at 47,055.

You can contact the Council via their page on the website.