Equity’s Committee Elections 2019 results

The results of Equity’s Committee Elections 2019 have been announced.

Please download the full results here.

The total number of members entitled to vote was 45,791. The number of members who voted was 2998 (7%).

Equity’s committees consist of three industrial committees — Screen & New Media, Stage and Variety, Circus and Entertainers — with the authority to conduct negotiations. These committees, made up of members with recent experience of relevant work, are at the forefront of improving pay and conditions for members. Supporting them are five specialist committees — Audio, Dance, Singers, Stage Management and Directors & Designers — all made up of members with recent working experience. There are also committees of members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, plus four equality committees — Deaf and Disabled; LGBT+; Minority Ethnic; and Women — and a Young Members’ Committee.