Netflix - first ever union agreement with streaming giant

Equity has negotiated the first direct union agreement with Netflix. This agreement is a side letter to the Pact Television Agreement and covers all productions made by Netflix for exclusive use for the Netflix platform. The streaming giant wants to make more productions here in the UK and it is believed they are close to securing a 10-year deal to lease space at Pinewood Studios.

John Barclay, head of the recorded media department said: “We are delighted that after months of negotiations we have signed off on the first ever agreement with a leading streaming platform. This ensures that members will be protected. We worked closely with Equity’s Screen & New Media Committee along with our colleagues in the agent community.”

This is a three-year agreement with a minimum weekly fee of £715, which allows for three months use on the platform and then there are additional percentages to cover either a period of 10 years or 15 years of availability on Netflix. The minimum rates will be increased by 2% for each year during the three-year term.

Discussions are continuing with Netflix to deal with issues around exclusivity provisions for leading roles. Equity is also in conversation with a range of new streaming platforms who also wish to produce in the UK.

Image: Shutterstock