Social mobility inquiry - first evidence session

The Performers’ Alliance APPG inquiry into social mobility in the creative industries is having its first oral evidence session on Monday 11th, 3.30-5pm in Parliament.

It follows the same format as a select committee inquiry and the members of the Group asking the questions are Tracy Brabin MP, Ed Vaizey MP, and Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE, and the witnesses will include an Equity member as well as the following:

  • Dr Sam Friedman, Associate Professor at LSE, who co-wrote the recently published ‘The Class Ceiling: why it pays to be privileged’;
  • Dr Louise Ashley, Royal Holloway
  • On behalf of the BBC: Alan Davey (as the BBC’s executive sponsor for socio-economic diversity) and Nicola Crowther (Head of Public Engagement, BBC Audiences)
  • Harriet Finney, Director of External Affairs at the BFI

The session will broadly cover three areas:

  • To look at the problem of social mobility in the sector, challenges around defining and monitoring class/intersectionality; regional and local inequalities; reviewing the evidence for changes in social mobility in the sector; what best practice within organisations might look like.
  • To hear from a performer about their own career, challenges and barriers.
  • To ask key the BBC and BFI what action they are taking to improve social diversity.​

The inquiry launched just before Christmas at an event which included a speech from Equity Councillor Jackie Clune, which you can find here.

Five oral evidence sessions will be held between now and July 2019 and the report will be launched in the Autumn. You can read more about the inquiry, including where to send submissions, here.