Rule Change Referendum results

The results of Equity's Rule Change Referendum 2019 have been announced. Members voted in favour of all three changes.

Please download the full results here

The total number of members entitled to vote was 46,703. The number of members who voted was 3559 (8%).

The changes being voted on were:

1. To change Rule 3 - to replace “non-party political and non-sectarian Union” with “A trade union that is independent of any political party or religious faith”.

2. To change Rule 15 - certain Council seats (Audio Artists, Creative Team, Dancers, Members with Disabilities, Minority Ethnic Members, Singers, Stage Management, Variety, Circus & Entertainers and Young Members) require members to have evidence of professional work to stand. There is no definition of professional in the current Rule; the Rule change seeks to make it an objective definition based on earnings.

3. To change Rule 27 - to allow the Appeals Committee to hear appeals against a decision of the Disciplinary Committee to uphold a complaint against a member.